Discover A Head Wrap For Your Face Shape

Head wraps

From renowned classic beauties, like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, to today’s celebrities, like the Olsen twins and Taylor Swift, head wraps, head scarves and turbans have been in fashion for years. Unfortunately, some of us never experience the fun and fashionable look of a head wrap because we are unsure how to wear or buy one that will best flatter our features. Below are are some recommendations for you depending on your face shape. If you’re unsure about what shape of face you have, you can go to this website to find out.

Oval Face: This face shape generally has a lot of options when it comes to head attire. Turbans, scarves or head wraps that cover the entire forehead or partial forehead work well. Try mixing it up depending on your outfit. Try our coral turban style head wrap or cotton knit head wrap.

Oblong Face: Try wearing thick fashion pieces that cover some or most of your forehead. Not only will this help keep you warm in winter and protect your from the sun in summer, but it will also make your face look fuller and direct attention towards your eyes. Try our coral turban style head wrap or cotton knit head wrap.

Heart Face: Because of the smaller chin and jaw, avoid wearing any headpieces that are too heavy and thick, distracting from your facial features. Thinner bands or scarves will add a touch of fun without overshadowing your natural features. Don’t be afraid to try out hats or fashion pieces that cover your forehead though! Try our coral turban style head wrap.

Square Face: Just like square shaped faces are advised against blunt bangs, square shaped faces should also avoid head attire that covers and ends bluntly over their forehead Instead, try cocking the headpiece to the side, buying a piece that shows your hair and part of your forehead, or wearing a piece that has loose sides (like a scarf). Try our cotton knit head wrap.

Round Face: Go for thick and thin hair pieces and see which you like best. Try wearing headpieces slightly off center or with flowers or ornaments on the side to add more dimension. Try our cotton knit head wrap.

These are just some of our suggestions. Don’t be afraid to try something new or different though – you just never know what will look best on you!