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Hello friends! As far back as I can remember I’ve had an interest in business. I’d set up my own little store at my house and try to pawn my stuff off to my siblings. I’d created a menu in the kitchen and sell sandwiches to them too. In middle school I use to spend hours writing invention ideas in notebooks. I’ve always had the heart and mind of an entrepreneur. In January 2012 I had this crazy idea for a senior project to start my own company. I have also ALWAYS LOVED sparkles, so I combined business and sparkles to create SparkleOn. With the help of my amazing Mother and my brilliant sister my dreams are becoming reality. In my wildest dreams SparkleOn would be sending hundreds of sparkles around the world everyday. As my friend- it would mean the world to me to help my crazy, wild, ideas grow. Help me spread the sparkles 🙂

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Much love,

Kim Raines- CEO at


SparkleOn Favorites – Spirit of Adventure

Roll up those blue jeans, bathe in the sunshine, and feel the spirit of adventure pulse through your veins! While wearing this outfit, our SparkleOn model told us she felt like Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain’s novels, ready to search out opportunity, fun, and maybe a little bit of mischief! This is a very comfortable, easy going outfit, so trying wearing it with a pair of flat shoes or a cute pair of tennis shoes. Adventure calls! Are you ready? This outfit features SparkleOn’s Mini Sequin Lilac Color Infinity Scarf, Ladies Big Faced Watch With Rhinestones And Pastel Color Numbers, and Big Sparkly Rhinestone Pave Bow Stretch Ring.

H and T



Discover A Head Wrap For Your Face Shape

Head wraps

From renowned classic beauties, like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, to today’s celebrities, like the Olsen twins and Taylor Swift, head wraps, head scarves and turbans have been in fashion for years. Unfortunately, some of us never experience the fun and fashionable look of a head wrap because we are unsure how to wear or buy one that will best flatter our features. Below are are some recommendations for you depending on your face shape. If you’re unsure about what shape of face you have, you can go to this website to find out.

Oval Face: This face shape generally has a lot of options when it comes to head attire. Turbans, scarves or head wraps that cover the entire forehead or partial forehead work well. Try mixing it up depending on your outfit. Try our coral turban style head wrap or cotton knit head wrap.

Oblong Face: Try wearing thick fashion pieces that cover some or most of your forehead. Not only will this help keep you warm in winter and protect your from the sun in summer, but it will also make your face look fuller and direct attention towards your eyes. Try our coral turban style head wrap or cotton knit head wrap.

Heart Face: Because of the smaller chin and jaw, avoid wearing any headpieces that are too heavy and thick, distracting from your facial features. Thinner bands or scarves will add a touch of fun without overshadowing your natural features. Don’t be afraid to try out hats or fashion pieces that cover your forehead though! Try our coral turban style head wrap.

Square Face: Just like square shaped faces are advised against blunt bangs, square shaped faces should also avoid head attire that covers and ends bluntly over their forehead Instead, try cocking the headpiece to the side, buying a piece that shows your hair and part of your forehead, or wearing a piece that has loose sides (like a scarf). Try our cotton knit head wrap.

Round Face: Go for thick and thin hair pieces and see which you like best. Try wearing headpieces slightly off center or with flowers or ornaments on the side to add more dimension. Try our cotton knit head wrap.

These are just some of our suggestions. Don’t be afraid to try something new or different though – you just never know what will look best on you!

Say Goodbye To Wrinkled Scarves!

Looking for a way to get the wrinkles out of your favorite scarf? The SparkleOn team has done a bit of research on scarf care and have found the below technique to work wonders on wrinkly scarves.

Before we get into our technique, try simply hanging the scarf in your bathroom while taking a shower. The steam from the shower can help get rid of the scarf’s unwanted wrinkles. This is an easy way and can work on scarves with light creases. But, if the lines and creases are too deep, this method won’t work. If that’s the case, try doing what we did on one of our scarves!

  1. Take out your ironing board and set your iron to the “silk” setting. While the iron is heating up, spread out a section of the scarf on the ironing board.Image
  2. Place a pillow case over the scarf. This will help protect the scarf from direct heat – no one likes a singed scarf!Image
  3. By this time, your iron should be nice and hot. Smooth out the pillow case using the iron. Go from top to bottom making sure to iron the entire section. After ironing the pillow case, take a look and see if the wrinkles are being pressed out of the scarf. If you aren’t seeing results, turn the iron to a slightly hotter setting. Usually the “silk” setting is hot enough, but sometimes if you have a really wrinkly scarf you will need the extra heat. You’ll need to repeat steps 1 – 3 for all sections of your scarf.Image

See the difference after ironing?ImageThe top portion that we ironed is nice and smooth!

ImageJust remember to keep your cat away from the scarf while you are ironing! The SparkleOn kitty tried to help us iron – this is what happened to her 🙂 Enjoy your wrinkle free scarf and be sure to check out SparkleOn’s scarves!


SparkleOn’s One Year Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to SparkleOn!

1 year

This past year has been full of successes and challenges, but through it all we hope we’ve provided an enjoyable shopping experience, cute accessories, and interest in our merchandise. Thank you to all of our customers – you encourage us to sparkle on! With your support, we will continue adding sparkly, glittery, and shimmery accessories to our store, so spread the word to your friends and family! We’ve got some fun and sparkly accessories coming soon!

Are You Ready For Prom?

Planning for Prom

Prom is just around the corner! A night hoped for by many young ladies (and perhaps a few gentleman too!), prom is a time when couples, friends and groups dress up and experience an elegant and fun event.

The perfect night takes a bit of time and effort to plan, but is worth it in the end – especially when you look back on all of the memories made. As you prepare for prom, there are a few essential items to keep in mind. We have included a check list below for this special event! We hope this guideline helps you plan and make prom a success!

If you plan to go to prom, the first thing that you should think of is the outfit you would like to wear. An outfit can be related to the prom theme or be a dress and jewelry that make you feel beautiful – either way, it’s important to start looking for your outfit right away. What you may need:

For an occasion like prom, it can be fun to go with friends to get a manicure or a pedicure. Start the morning off by heading over to the nail salon, or get together with friends (and save a little money) and paint nails together. What you may need:

  • Nail Polish (compliment your outfit with the color(s) you choose!)
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton Balls/Cotton Pads
  • Nail Brush
  • Nail Scissors
  • Emery Board
  • Fingernail Clippers
  • Orange Stick
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Hand Lotion
  • Strengthening Nail Polish Base
  • Clear Nail Polish Overcoat
  • Sink or Bowl
  • Towel

Check out our nail polish tutorial!

Some days we love it, some days we hate it: hair. But on prom day, you’re going to love it!
Wear it up, down, or somewhere in between! Schedule an appointment at the salon or plan on making time to do your hair yourself. What you may need:

  • Pictures of how you would like your hair to look
  • If you are planning on getting your hair done at a salon, schedule an appointment
  • Curling Iron
  • Hair straightener
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties
  • Hair spray
  • Headband or Tiara

Makeup is not necessary, but it is a great way to add pizazz and fun to any outfit!  If you decide to wear makeup to the event, try and find makeup that compliments your skin tone, hair color, and dress. Either make an appointment and a beauty salon or do your make up yourself! What you may need:

  • Find pictures for inspiration
  • Schedule an appointment at the salon (if you are going to have it done there)
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye Liner
  • Mascara
  • Bronzer
  • Lipstick or Lipgloss

It’s fun to be with friends, a significant other, or a big group at prom. Personally, we think the more the merrier! Some school clubs will go to prom in a big group. If the club you’re involved in isn’t going as a group, why not take initiative and help organize something? It’s also great getting together a bunch of friends and head to prom together (you can even arrive in style by arriving in a limo if everyone pitches in to help pay for costs). If you have a significant other, it is always nice having a quiet getaway or going with another couple. What you may need to remember:

  • Figure out who will be driving – carpooling is a great way to save on costs
  • Remember to invite everyone you need to
  • Plan a time to meet

Taking pictures helps create memories and history… and it’s always fun making faces at the camera and showing off outfits! Try and meet before the prom to take pictures in a park, someone’s backyard or at the school. This will make for some great natural pictures and give everyone time to chat and possibly get to know each other. Remember to order professional pictures too! What you may need:

  • Bring a small camera or use your phone to take pictures at the dance or beforehand
  • It’s always better to take too many pictures than not enough
  • Try and get a picture of everyone in your party.

Sometimes dinner will take place at prom, but other times it’s up to you to figure out what your party will eat. In a large party, it can be difficult deciding on one place to go for dinner. Because of this, it’s important to decide before prom night where everyone would like to go and eat. Make a list of restaurants that are in the area and let everyone in your group vote on where they’d like to go. Or, if you’d like to try something different, have someone in your party host prom dinner and eat at their house. What you may need to remember:

  • Everyone should help pay for dinner costs
  • Decide on a place to eat before the day of prom
  • If you are eating out, reserve a table for your party at least two weeks before prom
  • Give yourself and party adequate time to eat dinner

Here are a few extra items you may need to remember:

  • If you are going as a couple, make sure to buy a corsage for the lady and a boutonnière for the gentleman
  • The gentleman should try and match his shirt to the color of the lady’s dress
  • In a large group, consider appointing someone to coordinate and make the plans (like reserving a table at a restaurant and figuring out when to meet)
  • Bring extra bobby pins and makeup for touch-ups

We hope this guideline helps you as you plan your prom night!

Have fun at prom; stay safe and make memories!

– SparkleOn Team