SparkleOn Summer GIVEAWAY

Get ready for a fun and adventurous summer! Enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. Shop for new summer fashions. Enjoy family and class reunions. Travel to someplace new. We’re going to provide a little incentive for you to Sparkle and Shine this summer with our Countdown to Summer GIVEAWAY! Go to our FACEBOOK page and COMMENT on the post “Countdown to Summer Giveaway” and then SHARE it too! PLEASE “LIKE” our page to receive our latest news! The winner will receive this V-Neck Top plus all of these featured accessories, a $45.00 value! The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on June 16th and announced on our Facebook page. Go to our FACEBOOK PAGE NOW and enter to win through June 15th. You must COMMENT on the post to be entered in the drawing! -


Hello friends! As far back as I can remember I’ve had an interest in business. I’d set up my own little store at my house and try to pawn my stuff off to my siblings. I’d created a menu in the kitchen and sell sandwiches to them too. In middle school I use to spend hours writing invention ideas in notebooks. I’ve always had the heart and mind of an entrepreneur. In January 2012 I had this crazy idea for a senior project to start my own company. I have also ALWAYS LOVED sparkles, so I combined business and sparkles to create SparkleOn. With the help of my amazing Mother and my brilliant sister my dreams are becoming reality. In my wildest dreams SparkleOn would be sending hundreds of sparkles around the world everyday. As my friend- it would mean the world to me to help my crazy, wild, ideas grow. Help me spread the sparkles 🙂

As an incentive to share this and like our page- we are having this awesome giveaway.

Much love,

Kim Raines- CEO at


Fashion Week Las Vegas

Last month I went to Fashion Week Las Vegas where I took in three large trade shows over three days. Can you say “shop till you drop?” After the first trade show I got a big blister on one foot – my sandals were a poor choice for the task at hand. A change of shoes and I was off to market the next two days. Walk, walk, walk…shop, shop, shop! It was hot but a very beautiful couple of days in Vegas. 

       Image                  Image

We’ve wanted to add cute sparkly things for our Little Sparkles so I was happy to find sellers that carry items we hadn’t been able to find at shows in Seattle or California. The shows for the younger age groups were separate from the junior and college ages, so I had a lot of territory to cover.

       Image         Image

The shows are a chance for buyers and sellers to meet up and some shows offer educational seminars. Next time we go, I’d like to check out a few seminars. But, I’ve actually learned a lot just by going to the shows. People at the shows were friendly and helpful which made my treasure hunting enjoyable!     


Kim and Kelli weren’t able to go to the show, too bad for them. 😉  Hopefully they’ll be able to go in February, the next Fashion Week Las Vegas. My hubby went along and while I “worked” he enjoyed the casinos. In the evening we played some slots and just put our tired feet up. And you know the rest… “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” 🙂

Image   Image

It’s been a busy summer, and it’s good to have SparkleOn up on the web. We hope you like the site and will keep checking back as it evolves and changes. We all want value for our hard earned money so we’re picky about the products we offer to you. Please let us know if you like your purchase! But we also want you to contact us if you don’t. You can email us by using the “contact us” button on the site. We’ll do our best to bring you sparkly products you like, whether it’s for yourself, your daughter, granddaughter or a gift for someone special. 

Get your SparkleOn!


Celebrate SparkleOn’s Grand Opening!!!

I am so excited to say this: SparkleOn is open for business! After receiving inventory, taking pictures, creating our website, and finalizing the details we are ready to spread sparkly products!

It has taken numerous hours and dedicated work to create and open SparkleOn, making this first day of business that much more exciting. Let me just say that we are SO thrilled to be open! In fact, we are celebrating around the office:

But we don’t want to be the only ones celebrating – we want you to be part of the party! So as part of our opening celebration, we want to give you a gift. Between now and October 1, every customer who makes a purchase of $30 or more will receive a sparkly gift with their order!

Not Actual Gift Size

We’ve created a shopping experience at that we believe you will enjoy. Our website features pictures and descriptions of all of our products, it includes featured products, and there are pictures we have taken with friends using our SparkleOn products. Click on pictures to zoom in on a product, read about the product more in depth by clicking on details, and finally simply put the product in your shopping cart by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. If the product you wish to purchase is out of stock, you will not be able to add it to the cart. But don’t worry – we will continually reorder favorite products and be adding new products!

Join the celebration and get your sparkle on!

-SparkleOn Team

SparkleOn Status Update #2

For the past week or so, the SparkleOn team has been organizing products into catagories, cost and vendors. This has been quite the extensive project. However, as of yesterday we finished this long process and we FINALLY placed our first orders! Today we will finish placing the rest of the purchase orders. Then we shall sit on our doorstep waiting for the UPS man to bring us the goods! No, I’m kidding. No time to break!

The SparkleOn team is making a huge final push to get things up and running. Once our products come in, pictures will need to be taken, the website will need to be adjusted and the whole Paypal/credit card transaction process will need to be put into effect. Besides the tech side of things, the shipping and handling process needs to be dealt with.

Us here at SparkleOn are extremely exited to recieve our products! However, we are even more exited to bring our products to you!


Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.”

-Henry Ford


The Status of SparkleOn

Many people have been asking me where SparkleOn is at in relation to being ready for us to sell and buyers to buy. Here is my answer:

SparkleOn is at the point where we are getting ready to purchase orders full of sparkly, glittery, shimmery, accessories and clothing.


Until those items arrive, our website cannot be completed which is why it is “under construction” at the moment. However, I am still working on laying out a beautiful, easy to use/navigate website that will soon be for your use.


The plan is to have SparkleOn up and running by mid August. Until then, keep checking back on this blog and Facebook. We will be posting updates, trends and ideas!

We appreciate all your support! If you have any questions email us.