SparkleOn Favorites – Spirit of Adventure

Roll up those blue jeans, bathe in the sunshine, and feel the spirit of adventure pulse through your veins! While wearing this outfit, our SparkleOn model told us she felt like Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain’s novels, ready to search out opportunity, fun, and maybe a little bit of mischief! This is a very comfortable, easy going outfit, so trying wearing it with a pair of flat shoes or a cute pair of tennis shoes. Adventure calls! Are you ready? This outfit features SparkleOn’s Mini Sequin Lilac Color Infinity Scarf, Ladies Big Faced Watch With Rhinestones And Pastel Color Numbers, and Big Sparkly Rhinestone Pave Bow Stretch Ring.

H and T




SparkleOn Favorites – Café Latte Date


Who isn’t planning to go out for coffee with friends or family this Spring and Summer season? This down to earth, chic outfit is perfect to wear when you are meeting friends at a coffee shop. For this look, try wearing black or dark colored skinny jeans or pants and pairing with a bright colored shirt. The shirt can be solid or patterned – whatever you are in the mood for! Then, add only one or two bold accessories to add a touch of pizazz. We recommend colorful necklaces, thick bracelets, beautiful rings, or fun watches. Enjoy your coffee! This outfit features SparkleOn’s Ladies Beautiful Big Faced Watch With Rhinestones And Roman Numbers and Big Sparkly Rhinestone Pave Bow Stretch Ring.

SparkleOn Coffee With Friends

SparkleOn Favorites – Classy and Sassy

Classy and Sassy

If you’re deciding between a country look or a chic look, why not try a bit of both? In this outfit, we’ve combined boots, blue jeans, and a black belt with a leopard print scarf and watch. The black shirt is neutral (we love solid color clothing – it is so fun and easy to accessorize with) and allows the accessories to take center stage. This outfit is perfect for day outings, and we love that it is a bit sassy, but also classy. 🙂  This outfit features SparkleOn’s Beautiful Shiny Metallic Leopard Print Fashion ScarfHeart Rhinestone Leather Belt, and Ladies Beautiful Big Faced Watch With Rhinestones And Roman Numbers.

Would you wear this outfit or include different accessories? Let us know!

SparkleOn Favorites: Step Into Spring

So chic and stylish for Spring sunshine and fun! Dress this outfit up by wearing black high heal shoes or be fun and casual by wearing flip flops. Either way, you’ll feel comfortable, cute and sparkly with this ensemble! This outfit featuresCasual Dressy Black Top w/Jeweled Rhinestone Waistline and Shiny Rhinestone Bangle Bracelets Set. And don’t forget to include beautiful earrings, like our La Glamour Concentric Sparkly Teardrop Earrings for a final finish!

SparkleOn Favorites: Dreaming of Spring

SparkleOn Favorites: Dreaming of Spring

We cannot wait for spring! This outfit has been inspired by dreams of sunny days and fun outings. Create your own “Dreaming of Spring” outfit: Wear a floral or light colored flowing skirt with a single colored tank top or … Continue reading