Untangle Your Necklaces

Recently Kim and I finished the Women’s Expo and carefully put everything in boxes when we tore down our SparkleOn booth. I laid these necklaces orderly in the box myself and can’t figure out how these necklaces commingled into a big ball of chains!

I didn’t know where to start to untangle them. I worked at separating them and had zero luck. I’ve had tangled necklaces before but not fourteen of them! Not a chance that this was going to be a quick fix. I searched online for the best way to untangle necklaces. This is what I did:

I started by unhooking all the clasps. Then I chose one chain to work through the tangled mess. I freed that one and then moved on to the next. Counting down to half and then one lone necklace remained!

For these particular chains, the only thing I had to do was unhook the clasps and then patiently work on one at a time until they were all freed! Hurray, Sparkle On!



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