Welcome, Pink Poppy!

Welcome Pink Poppy

SparkleOn now offers Pink Poppy merchandise! We found the Pink Poppy brand at a tradeshow in Seattle, Washington and fell in love with it. Pink Poppy offers beautiful products that are sure to excite young girls! It carries the signature themes of princesses, mermaids and fairies, and each theme includes its own unique, quality made products. Although Pink Poppy has been in existence for 30 years (beginning in Sydney, Australia), the brand has only recently expanded into the USA; we are one of the first online stores to begin carrying it in the USA!

SparkleOn will begin carrying the following from Pink Poppy: hair accessories, gift ideas, necklaces and jewelry, beautiful purses, bags and handbags, and tiaras. These products meet our sparkle criteria – every product has sparkle, shimmer or glitter. View our new Pink Poppy items.

Our hope is that young girls will step into a world of imagination and fun through these sparkly products, making magical memories and dreaming big dreams.  Please visit our website and let us know what you think about “the wonderful world of Pink Poppy!”


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