Say Goodbye To Wrinkled Scarves!

Looking for a way to get the wrinkles out of your favorite scarf? The SparkleOn team has done a bit of research on scarf care and have found the below technique to work wonders on wrinkly scarves.

Before we get into our technique, try simply hanging the scarf in your bathroom while taking a shower. The steam from the shower can help get rid of the scarf’s unwanted wrinkles. This is an easy way and can work on scarves with light creases. But, if the lines and creases are too deep, this method won’t work. If that’s the case, try doing what we did on one of our scarves!

  1. Take out your ironing board and set your iron to the “silk” setting. While the iron is heating up, spread out a section of the scarf on the ironing board.Image
  2. Place a pillow case over the scarf. This will help protect the scarf from direct heat – no one likes a singed scarf!Image
  3. By this time, your iron should be nice and hot. Smooth out the pillow case using the iron. Go from top to bottom making sure to iron the entire section. After ironing the pillow case, take a look and see if the wrinkles are being pressed out of the scarf. If you aren’t seeing results, turn the iron to a slightly hotter setting. Usually the “silk” setting is hot enough, but sometimes if you have a really wrinkly scarf you will need the extra heat. You’ll need to repeat steps 1 – 3 for all sections of your scarf.Image

See the difference after ironing?ImageThe top portion that we ironed is nice and smooth!

ImageJust remember to keep your cat away from the scarf while you are ironing! The SparkleOn kitty tried to help us iron – this is what happened to her 🙂 Enjoy your wrinkle free scarf and be sure to check out SparkleOn’s scarves!



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