Polka Dot Nail Polish Tutorial

Looking for creative ways to paint your fingernails or toenails?
The SparkleOn team decided to paint polka dots on our nails! Painting polka dots is fairly easy and you end up with super cute nails!


All you need is:
Nail Polish for the Base Color (SparkleOn has beautiful colors for you! http://www.sparkleon.biz/nail-polish/)
Nail Polish for the Polka Dots
A Bobby Pin with a Rounded Top
A Bit of TIme and a Dash of Patience

We used Pearl Pink Nail Polish from SparkleOn for the Nail Polish Base Color.

Time to Paint The Polka Dots!

– Paint your nails with two coats of the base color.

– Allow to dry.

– Dip the tip of the bobby pin in the color you’d like to use for the polka dots (we used white nail polish). Gently place the tip of the bobby pin on the painted nail and create a small dot with the polish on the bobby pin. We started with four dots in the middle of our nails in the shape of a square. From those four polka dots, we filled in the nail with randomly placed dots.

– Allow to dry.
*Add a clear top coat if so desired

And say hello to lovely nails! Easy and cute 🙂
Have fun painting your polka dot nails and don’t be afraid to be creative!


– SparkleOn Team


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