Introducing Pinterest and SparkleOn Favorites

It’s SparkleOn’s first post of 2013! We hope all our SparkleOn friends are enjoying a great start to this new year!

SparkleOn has added TWO new components we are excited to share with you! Our first bit of news has to do with “pinning” fun tidbits! SparkleOn now has a Pinterest account! And we love it! We can pin sparkly ideas and products now! Follow us, and we will follow you 🙂 Just go to

And now for our second bit of news: We now have a SparkleOn Favorites page on the SparkleOn website. This page has been created to inspire and help our friends find original, fun, and beautiful outfit ideas! Every two weeks, we will be adding a new outfit for you. Our models will feature SparkleOn products that you can purchase from our online store. Just follow the product links to find clothing and accessories you would like to add to your own wardrobe! And, it gets better! The SparkleOn products featured in the picture will be on sale for the first week the new outfit is added. Our first outfit has been added to our website. Check it out at We also will post outfits on the SparkleOn blog once they have been added to the website. Image

Remember to get your SparkleOn!

-SparkleOn Team


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