Beautiful and Long Lasting Nail Polish Tutorial

Our 12 Days of Christmas Shopping Event continues! Throughout our event we have sold our nail polish for only $1.99! The colors are vibrant, beautiful and full of sparkle!
In celebration of our event, I set out to find the best way to do an in home manicure. I’ve found some techniques I like and want to share them with you.

In Home Manicure Tutorial


Items You’ll Need:

Kleancolor Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Balls/Cotton Pads
Nail Brush
Nail Scissors
Emery Board
Fingernail Clippers
Orange Stick
Cuticle Oil
Hand Lotion
Strengthening Nail Polish Base
Clear Nail Polish
Sink or Bowl

Step 1:
The first thing you’ll need to do is remove any previous nail polish from your nails. Just use nail polish remover on a cotton ball or pad (I like to use cotton pads), and smooth over nails.

Step 2:
Once you have removed any existing nail polish, you will want to shape your nails. I usually begin this process by using fingernail clippers to create the shape. Then I use an emery board to finish the shape. If you use an emery board, make sure that you only shape going one direction. Do not go back and forth as this can damage the nail.

Step 3:
Your now beautifully shaped nail should be brushed using the nail brush.

Step 4:
Soften your nails by placing them in a sink or bowl of soapy warm water. I tend to keep mine in the water between 3-5 minutes. By softening the nails, it is easier to push back cuticles and this steps removes dirt from your nails. If you are in a hurry or your cuticles look great, go ahead and skip steps 4-6.

Step 5:
Using your orange stick or nail scissors, push back cuticles (Do not cut your cuticles!). If you have a hangnail, now is the time to clip it!

Step 6:
Pamper your nails by massing the cuticles with cuticle oil. After this, use hand lotion and massage into your hands. This will make your hands soft, but also oily. After you are done, use a cotton ball or pad and remove oil from finger nails. If the nails still feel oily, put a dab of finger nail polish remover on the cotton ball and swab over finger nails again.

Step 7:
Now your fingernails are ready to be painted! Apply your base coat and let dry.

Step 8:
Once the base is dry, paint your nails with a fun and sparkly Kleancolor nail polish! I used Metallic Red. To ensure long lasting results, apply two coats of nail polish. If you are in a hurry and would like to speed up the drying process between coats, fill up a sink or bowl with cold water. Place hands inside the cold water for a few minutes. The cold water will help the paint dry faster.

Step 9:
Finally, apply a top coat of clear nail polish. Let dry thoroughly.

And you’re done! This makes for a fun activity to do with friends for a girls night, or a lifesaver when you need your nails looking beautiful without the time to make an appointment.

I used the following websites in my search. Feel free to reference them and find more tips for your nails!

Sparkle On!
-SparkleOn Team


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