12 Days of Christmas Shopping

SparkleOn’s Christmas List

The Christmas season is upon us! We are listening to Christmas music, decorating with holly and lights, and searching for fun and beautiful gifts for loved ones this Christmas. We’ve also made out our Christmas list… have you? We hope that you find many of your sought out Christmas gift items this year at SparkleOn!

We love helping out our SparkleOn customers, and we like having fun! With this in mind, we have decided to begin our “12 Days of Christmas Shopping” event! During the 12 Days of Christmas Shopping event we will offer you spectacular deals on our sparkly products. This event begins December 3, 2012and will end December 14, 2012. And, throughout the 12 Days of Christmas Shopping, nail polish will be priced at $1.99! This is the perfect opportunity to buy those sparkly items you love or want to give away as presents!

We will post the deal of the day on SparkleOn’s facebook page and on SparkleOn’s website. However, we know that some people like to plan ahead for their shopping. We want you to be able to shop at your convenience and make time when you need to, so we are sharing our 12 Days of Christmas Shopping schedule with you.

See the schedule below for the deals of the day for SparkleOn’s 12 Days of Christmas Shopping:

1. Monday, December 3rd:     All sunglasses will be priced at $5.


2. Tuesday, December 4th:     All Iphone cases will be 30% off original price.


3. Wednesday, December 5th:     All fashion scarves will be 50% off original price.


4. Thursday, December 6th:     All special occasion bags will be 30% off original price.  


5.Friday, December 7th:     Free shipping on all “Little Sparkles” items.     


6. Saturday, December 8th:     All footwear will be 50% the original price.


7. Sunday, December 9th:     All Texas Leather merchandise, including handbags and wallets, will be 50% off original price.


8.  Monday, December 10th:     All clothing (shirts) will be 30% off original prices.


9. Tuesday, December 11th:     All watches will be priced at $10.


10. Wednesday, December 12th:     All belts will be 30% off original price.


11. Thursday, December 13th:     All Cailyn glitter and shimmer eyeshadow will be 30% off original price.


12. Friday, December 14th:     All jewelry will be 40% off original price.


Make sure to like us on Facebook to be updated about the special deal of the day! And remember, every day nail polish will be $1.99! Image

Merry Christmas!

-SparkleOn Team


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