LA Fashion Market

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to the great city of Los Angeles, California to visit the LA Fashion Market. The market included trade shows such as Focus, Select, Transit and the LA Kids market.


The first day of our adventure was spent exploring the California Market Center and mapping out places we needed to check out over the next few days. We then proceeded to venture into showroom after showroom in search of sparkly apparel and accessories. We didn’t always find what we were looking for but we did find some crazy things!


The search in the California Market Center continued into the next day and not only did we find some great products, we received free manicures for buyers only! We ended our search early that day for we had crossed off all the showrooms on our checklist. Confused about what we would do for the next 30 hours in LA, we went to our hotel to figure out what we would do next. (After dinner at Chipotle, a lovely walk around the California Plaza and an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, of course ;D)



For day three, we had planned to travel deeper into the LA Fashion district (100 blocks of wholesalers, retailers, FIDM and CRAZY styles.) However, to our surprise, we had missed out on the two other buildings that were part of the California market center! We spent five quick hours (we had a plane to catch that night) walking up stairs and waiting for slow elevators to visit many more showrooms in the New Mart Building and the Cooper Building.


The whole experience was really something! I’m so exited to get products ordered and delivered. I’m super stoked to get the website finished! I also realized I LOVE downtown LA. It is impressive with its Jewelry District, Fashion District, Financial District, beautiful fountains and excellent cuisine! I hope to return to the city of Angels soon!




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