Untangle Your Necklaces

Recently Kim and I finished the Women’s Expo and carefully put everything in boxes when we tore down our SparkleOn booth. I laid these necklaces orderly in the box myself and can’t figure out how these necklaces commingled into a big ball of chains!

I didn’t know where to start to untangle them. I worked at separating them and had zero luck. I’ve had tangled necklaces before but not fourteen of them! Not a chance that this was going to be a quick fix. I searched online for the best way to untangle necklaces. This is what I did:

I started by unhooking all the clasps. Then I chose one chain to work through the tangled mess. I freed that one and then moved on to the next. Counting down to half and then one lone necklace remained!

For these particular chains, the only thing I had to do was unhook the clasps and then patiently work on one at a time until they were all freed! Hurray, Sparkle On!



Sparkle with CAILYN Glitter & Shimmer Mineral Eyeshadow

We love CAILYN Mineral Eye Shadow Powder! These finely milled powders can be used on eyes, lips, nails or wherever you’d like to add an extra dimension of glamour. These lightweight, fine particles of bright light add delightful sparkle to any type of make on the face or body. With a few extra pops of color, make an ordinary day sparkle! Below is information about CAILYN from their website. 


Dress your eyes with shimmery, beautiful color dust!

Made with 100% raw mineral powder, this micro-fine, silky eye shadow is ultra smooth and offers you seamless blending. If you want to create a subtle wash of color or go for dramatic smokey makeup, CAILYN Mineral Eye Shadow Powder is your new best friend.

– Wide range of vibrant, long lasting colors that can be mixed and matched for desired shades.
– Silky smooth texture makes them easy to apply and blend naturally.
– 100 % pure blend of natural minerals are safe for sensitive eyes.
– Talc free, Paraben free.
– From sheer to opaque, various ways of application.
– Eye illuminating effect from light reflecting mica


– Using your finger or eye shadow brush, apply gently on your eye area as desired.
– For a subtle hint of color, wear it dry
– For long-lasting, matte opaque look, apply over CAILYN Sugar Stuck On You


CAILYN Mineral Eyeshadow Powder is pure. It does not contain any synthetic ingredients. It is made only of minerals found naturally occurring on the earth. It will not irritate your eyes or delicate skin around eyes.

SparkleOn Summer GIVEAWAY

Get ready for a fun and adventurous summer! Enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. Shop for new summer fashions. Enjoy family and class reunions. Travel to someplace new. We’re going to provide a little incentive for you to Sparkle and Shine this summer with our Countdown to Summer GIVEAWAY! Go to our FACEBOOK page and COMMENT on the post “Countdown to Summer Giveaway” and then SHARE it too! PLEASE “LIKE” our page to receive our latest news! The winner will receive this V-Neck Top plus all of these featured accessories, a $45.00 value! The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on June 16th and announced on our Facebook page. Go to our FACEBOOK PAGE NOW and enter to win through June 15th. You must COMMENT on the post to be entered in the drawing! -https://www.facebook.com/SparkleOnBiz


Hello friends! As far back as I can remember I’ve had an interest in business. I’d set up my own little store at my house and try to pawn my stuff off to my siblings. I’d created a menu in the kitchen and sell sandwiches to them too. In middle school I use to spend hours writing invention ideas in notebooks. I’ve always had the heart and mind of an entrepreneur. In January 2012 I had this crazy idea for a senior project to start my own company. I have also ALWAYS LOVED sparkles, so I combined business and sparkles to create SparkleOn. With the help of my amazing Mother and my brilliant sister my dreams are becoming reality. In my wildest dreams SparkleOn would be sending hundreds of sparkles around the world everyday. As my friend- it would mean the world to me to help my crazy, wild, ideas grow. Help me spread the sparkles 🙂

As an incentive to share this and like our page- we are having this awesome giveaway.

Much love,

Kim Raines- CEO at http://www.SparkleOn.biz

SparkleOn Favorites – Spirit of Adventure

Roll up those blue jeans, bathe in the sunshine, and feel the spirit of adventure pulse through your veins! While wearing this outfit, our SparkleOn model told us she felt like Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain’s novels, ready to search out opportunity, fun, and maybe a little bit of mischief! This is a very comfortable, easy going outfit, so trying wearing it with a pair of flat shoes or a cute pair of tennis shoes. Adventure calls! Are you ready? This outfit features SparkleOn’s Mini Sequin Lilac Color Infinity Scarf, Ladies Big Faced Watch With Rhinestones And Pastel Color Numbers, and Big Sparkly Rhinestone Pave Bow Stretch Ring.

H and T



SparkleOn Favorites – Café Latte Date


Who isn’t planning to go out for coffee with friends or family this Spring and Summer season? This down to earth, chic outfit is perfect to wear when you are meeting friends at a coffee shop. For this look, try wearing black or dark colored skinny jeans or pants and pairing with a bright colored shirt. The shirt can be solid or patterned – whatever you are in the mood for! Then, add only one or two bold accessories to add a touch of pizazz. We recommend colorful necklaces, thick bracelets, beautiful rings, or fun watches. Enjoy your coffee! This outfit features SparkleOn’s Ladies Beautiful Big Faced Watch With Rhinestones And Roman Numbers and Big Sparkly Rhinestone Pave Bow Stretch Ring.

SparkleOn Coffee With Friends

Welcome, Pink Poppy!

Welcome Pink Poppy

SparkleOn now offers Pink Poppy merchandise! We found the Pink Poppy brand at a tradeshow in Seattle, Washington and fell in love with it. Pink Poppy offers beautiful products that are sure to excite young girls! It carries the signature themes of princesses, mermaids and fairies, and each theme includes its own unique, quality made products. Although Pink Poppy has been in existence for 30 years (beginning in Sydney, Australia), the brand has only recently expanded into the USA; we are one of the first online stores to begin carrying it in the USA!

SparkleOn will begin carrying the following from Pink Poppy: hair accessories, gift ideas, necklaces and jewelry, beautiful purses, bags and handbags, and tiaras. These products meet our sparkle criteria – every product has sparkle, shimmer or glitter. View our new Pink Poppy items.

Our hope is that young girls will step into a world of imagination and fun through these sparkly products, making magical memories and dreaming big dreams.  Please visit our website and let us know what you think about “the wonderful world of Pink Poppy!”

SparkleOn Favorites – Classy and Sassy

Classy and Sassy

If you’re deciding between a country look or a chic look, why not try a bit of both? In this outfit, we’ve combined boots, blue jeans, and a black belt with a leopard print scarf and watch. The black shirt is neutral (we love solid color clothing – it is so fun and easy to accessorize with) and allows the accessories to take center stage. This outfit is perfect for day outings, and we love that it is a bit sassy, but also classy. 🙂  This outfit features SparkleOn’s Beautiful Shiny Metallic Leopard Print Fashion ScarfHeart Rhinestone Leather Belt, and Ladies Beautiful Big Faced Watch With Rhinestones And Roman Numbers.

Would you wear this outfit or include different accessories? Let us know!

Earrings – Summer Memories

This past week, the SparkleOn team began a discussion about how certain jewelry and outfits remind us of special occasions, happy days, and fun memories. We associate them with the emotions and activities from those moments, making the items worn dear to us (and difficult for us to give away if we are doing Spring cleaning!). We’ve taken a look at some of our SparkleOn jewelry and have created creative work exploring this idea that jewelry links us to the past. We’ll be posting this creative work every so often, so let us know what you think! To see these earrings on our online store, click here.

I wore these earrings practically every day last summer while visiting the coast! They shined in the sunshine and the colors were so inviting. Walking along the edge of the ocean nearly every morning, I relished the feel of the warm sand squishing between my toes and the ocean breeze kissing my skin. My friends and I would laugh and run away from the water’s edge as the tide came in, sweeping away the remnants of our footprints and evidence of our idol summer ventures. As we walked the boardwalk eating ice cream cones from the small beach cafe, we’d dream and plan adventures for the future. We’d stay up late watching bonfires burn on the beach and searching the night sky for shooting stars to wish on. I left the coast that summer with a bag of salt water taffy in one hand and the memories of summer days in the other.

Discover A Head Wrap For Your Face Shape

Head wraps

From renowned classic beauties, like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, to today’s celebrities, like the Olsen twins and Taylor Swift, head wraps, head scarves and turbans have been in fashion for years. Unfortunately, some of us never experience the fun and fashionable look of a head wrap because we are unsure how to wear or buy one that will best flatter our features. Below are are some recommendations for you depending on your face shape. If you’re unsure about what shape of face you have, you can go to this website to find out.

Oval Face: This face shape generally has a lot of options when it comes to head attire. Turbans, scarves or head wraps that cover the entire forehead or partial forehead work well. Try mixing it up depending on your outfit. Try our coral turban style head wrap or cotton knit head wrap.

Oblong Face: Try wearing thick fashion pieces that cover some or most of your forehead. Not only will this help keep you warm in winter and protect your from the sun in summer, but it will also make your face look fuller and direct attention towards your eyes. Try our coral turban style head wrap or cotton knit head wrap.

Heart Face: Because of the smaller chin and jaw, avoid wearing any headpieces that are too heavy and thick, distracting from your facial features. Thinner bands or scarves will add a touch of fun without overshadowing your natural features. Don’t be afraid to try out hats or fashion pieces that cover your forehead though! Try our coral turban style head wrap.

Square Face: Just like square shaped faces are advised against blunt bangs, square shaped faces should also avoid head attire that covers and ends bluntly over their forehead Instead, try cocking the headpiece to the side, buying a piece that shows your hair and part of your forehead, or wearing a piece that has loose sides (like a scarf). Try our cotton knit head wrap.

Round Face: Go for thick and thin hair pieces and see which you like best. Try wearing headpieces slightly off center or with flowers or ornaments on the side to add more dimension. Try our cotton knit head wrap.

These are just some of our suggestions. Don’t be afraid to try something new or different though – you just never know what will look best on you!